Experience the wonder of live jazz music

The art of jazz is in full swing at our live music venue. If you're unfamiliar with jazz music, let us introduce you .

You'll enjoy our live entertainment for its:

  • Calming effect on your mood
  • Exciting improvisations and musical complexities
  • Soothing rhythm and upbeat swing style

Our live jazz music is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening at Franca's.

Enjoy Live Jazz Music

Visit our live music venue in Rome, NY

The only blues you'll feel at Franca's are the rhythmic vibrations of live jazz music. Our local wine room is the go-to destination for jazz music in Rome, NY. While you wine and dine, you can enjoy live music from our wine room or outdoor seating area. Our professionally engineered sound system provides robust audio for a superior live entertainment experience.

Are you a musician in the area looking for a top-notch live entertainment venue? Sign up to share your talents with us right away. Once you're on our lineup, all you have to do is bring your instrument and we'll take care of the rest.